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Cut Property Taxes

Stopping skyrocketing property taxes is a top priority for Frederick. While serving on the McKinney City Council, Frazier cut the property tax rate every single year. He will work for meaningful tax relief for homeowners across our state.


Support Our Economy

With the federal government doing more harm than good to our economy, Frederick Frazier knows Texas must step up. As State Representative, Frederick Frazier will support policies to protect small businesses, fight regulations that needlessly burden our economy, and create local economic opportunities.


Stop Radical Indoctrination in Schools

There are people who want boys in girls’ sports, children at drag shows, and minors to have irreversible surgeries in the name of “affirmation.” There is nothing “affirming” about the transgender ideology being pushed by radicals across our nation. Frederick fully opposes the agenda of indoctrinating our kids. He will fight against “all ages” drag shows and transgender studies in our local schools that take advantage of kids who are in vulnerable situations.


Support Texas Schools, Increase School Safety

Frederick Frazier has always been a staunch supporter of public schools. As our next State Representative, he will increase funding for our schools, fully fund teacher retirement, and ensure that our kids have everything they need to succeed. As a police officer, Frederick firmly believes school safety should be a top priority for the Texas Legislature so our schools are safe havens for learning. Frederick also backs common sense gun measures, such as raising the minimum age to purchase an AR rifle to 21 years old.

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