Property taxes in Texas are out of control, period. Nobody should be taxed out of their home due to skyrocketing valuations. During my two years on the City Council, I cut the property tax rate BOTH years. 



I’ve spent my career in law enforcement and am currently a U.S. Marshal. Radical progressives have made it an incredibly difficult time to be in law enforcement, and I am adamant that we must support the front-line men and women who protect our communities each and every day. 


I personally worked on and advocated in Austin for HB 1900, the anti-defunding bill. Defunding the police is reckless and dangerous. We must always ensure that when Texans call 911, they know that somebody will show up to help.



A nation without borders cannot survive. The crisis at the southern border is out of control, and the current White House administration has only made things worse. We must secure the border once and for all, and end the human and drug trafficking that is ruining so many lives. I will always support border security and vote to give Texas law enforcement the tools they need to keep us safe.


I am proud to be pro-life, and I am proud that Texas is a national leader in the pro-life movement. As State Representative, you will always be able to count on me to vote to protect the lives of the unborn.



Texas is consistently ranked at the top of states in which to do business, and we must ensure that continues. Texas businesses must remain free of burdensome regulations and heavy-handed government mandates, so that job creation and our economy can thrive.



I am a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment, and I will always ensure that Texas remains a pro-Second Amendment state. The Founding Fathers of our nation were wise and understood that we have a God-given right to self defense and defense from tyranny.