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Frederick Frazier


Meet Frederick

Frederick Frazier has faithfully served the North Texas community as a police officer for over 28 years, including 14 years as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal. He has twice been recognized for his outstanding work and was named one of the Nation’s Top Cops. Frazier is the first active-duty police officer to serve in the Texas House of Representatives.

Frazier was elected overwhelmingly in 2022 on promises to lower property taxes, secure the border, and strengthen our schools.

In his first term, Frazier helped pass the largest property tax cut in American history–$18 billion, all while fully funding our schools and allocating $5.1 billion to crack down on illegal immigration, drug cartels, and human traffickers.

Governor Abbott signed into law eight bills that Frazier shepherded through the 88th Legislative Session. His legislation improved our educational system, promoted school safety, and provided additional support for law enforcement.

Frazier joined with his Republican colleagues to push back against the woke agenda, banning pornographic books in school libraries, cracking down on exploitative tech companies who target minors, prohibiting males from competing in women’s sports at the collegiate level, and outlawing sexually explicit performances, such as drag shows, in front of children.

Frazier and his wife, Tracie, have lived in Collin County for over 25 years. They have two daughters and a son who are all products of McKinney public schools. The Frazier family are members of St. Gabriel’s Church in McKinney.

Secure the Border

Fight for Taxpayers
Ban the Woke Agenda

Support Small Businesses

Support Local Schools & Teachers

Standing By Our Law Enforcement Officers

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