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Border Security

Frederick Frazier opposed Joe Biden’s recklessly open-border policies by prioritizing border security. During the 88th legislative session, Frazier allocated $5.1 billion to extend the border wall, put boots on the ground, and secure ports of entry. His biggest victory, however, came with the passing of SB 4, which allows state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws, which includes the apprehension and deportation of foreign criminals. Additionally he helped pass SB 3 which allocated an additional $1.5 for Border barrier construction and security. For those arrested, Frazier introduced HB 6 to require harsher sentences if they were also involved in human trafficking or drug poisonings that ended in death.

Fighting for Our First Responders


HB 471

First responders make countless sacrifices to protect our community. For Frederick Frazier, that debt has to be repaid. Last session, he proudly co-authored HB 471 to expand benefits for first responders. The bill requires local governments to provide paid leave to emergency medical services paramedics, firefighters, and police officers for a year or more after they receive a very serious work-related illness or injury. He will always stand with first responders and fight to ensure they receive just compensation for their heroic actions.

Property Tax Relief​

Since Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the United States, Frederick Frazier made it his mission to secure tax relief for our families. Last year, he succeeded following an election on a constitutional amendment he approved to support our households and small businesses. The proposal cut taxes by a whopping $18 billion by increasing the homestead exemption, accelerating tax compression, and providing non-homesteaded properties a 20% cap on appraisals, making it the largest tax cut in state history.

Standing Strong with Law Enforcement

(HB 3858)

As a retired policeman of over 28 years and former US Marshal, Frederick Frazier profoundly cares about the condition of his fellow officers. To support them, he authored HB 3858 to establish peace officer wellness programs with certain law enforcement agencies to provide officers who have faced high-stress and traumatic situations such as homicides, suicides, or fatal motor vehicle accidents with easy access to mental health resources. He strongly believes a healthy officer at home is a healthy officer in the field.

Supporting Texas Teachers and Students 


HB 3

In the most recent session, Frederick Frazier co-authored HB 3 to require armed security guards on school campuses and increase funding for public school safety. Before, most districts could not afford to implement the measures and programs required by law to ensure the protection of their students, teachers, and other faculty. Now, these emergency preparedness and response standards can be raised within these instructional facilities to provide a risk-free environment. For Frazier, protecting our kids from violence is a top priority.


HB 2672/SB 532

Texas has suffered from a critical shortage of teachers needed to fill classrooms for decades. To help solve this problem, Frederick Frazier authored HB 2672 to expand the current Math and Science Scholars Loan Repayment Program to graduates who agree to teach math and science to students. However, Frazier also passed SB 532 to accommodate this bill, which extended the program to mental health professionals. This tuition reimbursement will lead to better recruitment and retention of teachers and medical specialists in their vital subject areas.

Protect Texas Kids 


HB 900

Frederick Frazier vehemently opposed the radical left's efforts to force sexually explicit content on Texas youth who were violating basic moral decency. He co-authored HB 900, which removed pornographic materials from public school libraries. He believes there should be zero tolerance for patently offensive, inappropriate content with no redeeming value for kids in classrooms and that parents should be the primary decision-makers regarding access to this information. Frazier is committed to protecting our family values and the innocence of our children.


HB 23

Frederick Frazier stopped “woke” administrators that wanted to force transgenderism into college athletics. The bill he co-authored, HB 23, banned biological males from performing in women’s sports, instead requiring athletes to compete based on their biological sex at birth. Competition should be fair to all participants involved, especially if scholarships, accolades, and careers are at stake. Now, K-12 and collegiate athletes can perform without the extra risk of being injured or their records being broken wrongfully.


HB 1686/SB 14

In many states, extremists have succeeded in forcing their gender ideology onto children, but not in Texas because of representatives like Frederick Frazier. He co-sponsored HB 1686 and SB 14 to ban gender modification surgeries and dangerous hormonal drugs for minors because these barbaric life-altering procedures have caused permanent trauma to those subjected to them, with many often resorting to self-harm or suicide in some cases. As a father, Frazier was proud to defend our youth and will continue to do so in Austin.

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