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The Charges Were Dismissed!
Frazier Is 
 NOT  Dishonorably Discharged!

"The legal case my opponent built her entire campaign upon, has been dismissed by an independent judge who had a deep understanding of the case and evidence. I cannot compare my situation to Donald Trump’s, who has been hounded by radical Democrats with little or no proof. My case was a simple misdemeanor. But my case has given me a profound appreciation of how blind bitterness leads people to push politically motivated issues as far as they can if they think it will give them a political advantage. It gave me a small taste of what President Trump faces now. We should all support President Trump at this time. Take it from me: it will mean a lot to him. The strength and calm he shows under immense pressure is amazing. Though small, this now-dismissed case was very serious to me and my family. Politicians and police officers should be held to the highest standard. I am so thankful to everyone who supported me and believed in me until this positive, successful end. With this behind us, I invite you to look at my legislative record on the reverse side. If you like what I have done and what I am working on, I humbly ask for your vote.”


RECOGNIZED BY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for his outstanding work in law enforcement. Frazier was named one of the Nation’s Top Cops and was appointed to President Trump’s Law Enforcement Commission, where he served as the only Commissioner from Texas.

STOOD UP TO THE LIBERAL LEFT AND BANNED SEX CHANGE SURGERY ON MINORS. Those life-destroying mutilations of children too young to understand the implications are now illegal in Texas. Great Britain just did the same. Sadly, they will continue some in the USA as long as Joe Biden serves and radical progressives put extreme ideas ahead of the wellbeing of children.

VOTED TO ALLOW EDUCATION DOLLARS TO FOLLOW THE STUDENT to any private or public school, allowing parents to ensure the best education possible for their children. We have great schools locally, but education is failing our children in other ISDs around Texas. We must do better.

BANNED MEN FROM COMPETING IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. You need only watch one footrace, swim meet, or wrestling match to see how unfair it was. Progressives have abandoned women and girls.

SERVED NORTH TEXAS FOR 28 YEARS AS A POLICE OFFICER, earning the highest honors the field offers. Frederick served 14 years as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal. He understands how to control crime and the stress and danger police officers face in 2024.

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